****The following is a student-written article by Caitlin Ham written for the BSHS Campus Crier. Check out the online edition of the Campus Crier by clicking here.****


Valentine’s Day is not only a holiday celebrated in the halls of BSHS, but a week full of spirit and fun filled activities for students. With spirit days including stop light day, dress your best, and twin day, students were lead into high levels of anticipation for the kiss assembly. The 2018 kiss assembly included performances from choir, orchestra, the Dance Majorettes group, “Little Shop of Horrors” cast,  co-ed cheer, Glitter Girls, and the traditional Sweet Heart Ballet performed by senior boys.

Senior Matthew Smith participated in the Sweetheart ballet and believes it was one of the highlights of his senior year. Smith attended weeks of practices to prepare the ballet for the Kiss assembly.

“I had such a good time practicing and getting ready for the sweetheart ballet performance with my friends. I know it’s something the senior class really likes and I’m glad I got to be a part of it,” Smith said.

Many weeks of planning go into the Sweetheart Ballet performance and build up,  including spirit days and choreographing the dance the senior boys perform. Student Senate plays a large role in the planning and organizing of the sweetheart ballet. Senior Cassie Pabst assisted in planning Kiss week.

“Senate had multiple meetings leading up the Kiss assembly planning the order of events, who would be performing, and the best spirit days for students to participate in. I think this years Kiss week was very successful and the boys did a great job during the Sweetheart Ballet,” Pabst said.

Junior Alli Rudolph sang the National Anthem with Acapella choir and also sang with the “Little Shop of Horrors” cast. Rudolph believes this was a great way to feature the performing arts programs and wants to see this continued in the future.

“I really loved that the musical, choir, and orchestra were all featured in this year’s Kiss assembly. I thought this added a lot of variety to the assembly and was a great lead in to the boy’s performance of the Sweetheart Ballet. I hope the assembly in years to come includes that again,” Rudolph said.

Kiss week was a great way to unite the student body and end the week with a performance by the Senior boys.